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ICOSNACLICK HERE  to learn about how you can help support the CardiOncology Society of North America. Therapies against cancer, even if increasingly effective and sophisticated, can cause high incidences of damage even to a healthy heart or they can worsen the cardiac function when it is already impaired.


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Tampa Convention Center

Global Cardio-Oncology Summit 2018
September 27th – 28th 
Tampa, Florida

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Improving Patient Care

FutureOncologyFuture Medicine sat down with ICOSNA for a Question and Answer session to discuss the challenges faced by patients and physicians. Find out where Cardio-Oncology will be in five years from now,   CLICK HERE to read the Q & A session.


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Why is a focus on   Cardioncology   needed?  

Why donate time, energy, and money to the cause?  

The bottom line answer is that your efforts will save lives. 






Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Supports ICOSNA Missions and Goals


The Vanderbilt Cardio-Oncology Program brings together cardiologists, oncologists, and researchers who work to promote the cardiovascular health of cancer patients. The primary goal of the program is to minimize cardiotoxicity during cancer treatment and manage cardiovascular risks during cancer survivorship. This unique program includes clinical, training, educational, and research components. Click Here to learn more about the program.