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Therapies against cancer, even if increasingly effective and sophisticated, can cause high incidences of damage even to a healthy heart or they can worsen the cardiac function when it is already impaired.


Those cancer patients showing in 40% of the cases concomitant cardiac disease are too often handled in an unilateral, partial, or incomplete way since both cardiologists and oncologists focus tremendously on their own specific specialty.doctormeeting That is why it becomes more and more urgent to create mutual cooperation where the two specialization groups can interact, fulfilling the reduction in cardiovascular complications in critical patients such as those with cancer.

The development of new research paths against cardiotoxicity may also be directed to patients who have never suffered from cardiac problems, but might be eligible for cancer treatment. For these reasons the International Cardioncology Society (ICOS) was born, thanks to the cooperation among the MD Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – New York, the Vanderbilt University – Nashville, and the Cardiology Unit of the European Institute of Oncology – Milan.


We Need Your Help…

In order to gift all the professionals and specialists involved in both clinical and research areas with an increased and more specific scientific knowledge, ICOS, a non-profit association, will finance:

  • International scholarships for young graduates who are dedicated to specific cardioncological projects, controlled by the International Scientific Committee of ICOS.
  • Specific cooperative multicenter research protocols, controlled by the International Scientific Committee of ICOS and by the Ethical Committes of the Centers involved.
  • “Consensus conferences” in order to achieve rapidly international multicenter guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of cardiotoxicity induced by chemotherapy.

Donation may be nominal or dedicated.

Every December 31th the President and ICOS Board of Directors will produce a report on the expenses and the activities.