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Hello Scott,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and the information page we set up just for you. I am inviting you to be a part of a project that is predicting and preventing heart attacks, and genuinely saving lives.


Our organization is headquartered not too far from you right here in Tampa, a block away from Memorial Hospital in South Tampa. Dr. Harrison is one of the founding members of ICOSNA, he has donated office space, time, energy and resources towards our cause. I’d like to introduce you to him over lunch.


If you are able to break free for lunch, we are holding an award ceremony and a brief talk by one of our physicians, Dr. Dan Lenihan. The get-together will be at noon on Thursday the 12th of June over at Memorial Hospital. Please let me know if you are able to attend so that you can meet a few members of our team and learn more about what we do. It would mean a lot to me if you could attend.


As I mentioned in my letter, I need your financial support to help fund a scholarship program dedicated to helping cancer patients also suffering from heart disease.  Typically, people with heart disease are excluded from cancer research, those with cancer are excluded from heart disease research in order to isolate causes and results.


Since heart disease is the number one killer in America and cancer is number two, it is important that we study individuals who have both diseases. 380,000 people die of a heart attack each year. Cancer survivors are dying from heart attacks and the medical community is more segregated than ever.


Because of the technology and the expertise, there is only one place in the entire country where this research is being conducted, that is right here in Tampa. We have secured a donation of equipment from GE Medical and now we need to fund the staff.


Your contribution, whatever amount that may be, and the contributions of anyone you might know, will go towards a scholarship to fund the primary staff member we need to conduct our research. These studies use computer images of plaque buildup inside the arteries that feed the heart, as well as blood tests that screen for 7 specific proteins we have discovered to indicate heart damage. We nicknamed it a 4 dimensional test, the 3-d imaging and the fourth dimension being the proteins found in the blood.


Both of these studies are locally investigator funded, here in Tampa, Florida by ICOSNA and supervised by Dr. Harrison. The staff member you will be funding through the scholarship is a board certified internist, and board eligible cardiologist who has signed up for an additional year of training starting in July of 2014, through the University of South Florida but is unfunded through a hospital or university.


Our current process has already predicted two heart attacks out of fifteen patients, one of which is a senior ranking military official at MacDill AFB who took immediate action during subtle heart attack symptoms, based solely on the detailed test results we provided. This research can make a monumental difference in lives.


If we can prove that our process helps to predict heart attacks among a larger study group, then with time our advanced technology and process will become accessible to a larger population and countless lives will be saved.


As my letter mentioned, I will give you a call on Thursday June 5th to follow up with you, and I hope you can join me for lunch on the 12th.


Be well,

John Fay
Executive Director – ICOSNA
501 (C) (3) Tax I.D. 272139051

Direct: (813) 810-7943

Office: (813) 348-4885

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