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Leigh Graziano, BS

Morsani College of Medicine

University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida



Tracking ICOSNA’s Growth




“Taking ICOS Grand Rounds to the Next Level”

Introduction: The organization of the International Cardi-Oncology Society (ICOS) has facilitated communication among cardiologists regarding the emerging field of cardi-oncology. Cooperation between cardiologists and oncologists is critical to advance the practice of cardi-oncology and develop ICOS best practice models. Engaging cardiologists and oncologists in dialogue via an ICOS “Grand Rounds” monthly webinar session, and the organization of these sessions into a searchable database, will facilitate the exchange of ideas and provide a valuable knowledge base for others to reference.


Hypothesis: By increasing the existing core group of ICOS webinar participants to include oncologists, a strong foundation of skills and knowledge of cardi-oncology will be established. The sharing of ideas and experiences will contribute to improved patient outcomes and ICOS best practice models. These ICOS “Grand Rounds” webinars will help expand the existing monthly webinars by including oncologists. Organizing the ICOS “Grand Rounds” webinar recordings into a searchable database will also establish a cardio-oncology library for reference purposes.


Methods: A monthly cardio-oncology webinar was organized on every second Thursday to facilitate an hour-long discussion among ICOS members. Invitations were emailed to members and interested professionals. Attendees were encouraged to present unique cardi-oncology cases in upcoming webinars with the intent that presentations would engage group members in informative discussion. Presentations featured multi-modality images to facilitate the exchange of ideas and improve understanding of complex  cases. The presentation platform, JoinGoToWebinar.com, is capable of hosting up to 101 attendees and offers online training sessions to improve understanding of software.


Results: Twelve monthly webinars have been attended by 80 cardiologists representing 56 universities and cancer centers. The presentations have shown to be valuable for the exchange of ideas and education of those interested in cardi-oncology. The inclusion of oncologists from all practice settings in these discussions and the organization of the ICOS “Grand Rounds” webinars into a searchable online library will create a valuable collection of information that is essential for the development of the cardi-oncology field.